'No Sauna - Burning Stereotypes' in MILAN DESIGN WEEK! / by Kamu Blogi

A big fuss has been going on in our class. Bold, colorful and interesting pieces popped out in the corners. Now they've suddenly disappeared. The products have been carefully packed and are now on their way to Milan. What's happening there? Well, something really special!

'No Sauna' is an artistic furniture design exhibition by our final year students. The showroom will be at Ventura Lambrate during Milan Design Week and Furniture Fair in 12-17 April 2016.

The designers say: "With ‘No Sauna’ we want to challenge Finnish design with a new approach. To look beyond the usual norms. Our aim is to bring forward a question: what really is Finnish?"

"No Sauna - Burning Stereotypes exhibition is going to be a combination of product design, photography and the ambience of the Finnish wilderness. The background of the name comes from the most famous feature in Finland - sauna. Sauna is a major part of Finnish culture. We enter naked and without any masks or roles. It is where people are equal no matter what age, background or status. With this exhibition our intention is to change the conception of current Finnish design. We will display ten new design objects in relation to stories from Finnish people. The objects are a dialog between the designers and ten individual Finns, each representing different qualities of the Finnish mentality. We reveal an authentic picture of Finland that goes beyond stereotypes. Our aim is to dig deep, going beneath the surface of the cliché of melancholy and silence."

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And of course, if you happen to be in Milan those days, pay a visit and see the future of finnish design!



Photos by Miikka Pihlajamäki & Anni Laivoranta